Across the Singing Bridge by E.D. Ward

Aggie Moresey: Water and Stone by Frances John

Amos Booker: One Man’s Journey with Jesus by Thomas Rhodes

Around the Bend by Bedell Phillips

As If Women Mattered by Virginia DeLuca

At the Hands of Others by Barry S. Jandebeur

Becoming Alva by John Muller

Before the Leaves Change Colors by E.D. Ward

Binding Beth by David H. Barnette

Borrowed Memories by J.R. Torbic

The Burnt Sunset by Chris Ledoux

The Call of the Allagash Wilderness by Alexander H. ter Weele

Chelsea Creek to Bunker Hill: Spring 1775 by Terri DeMitchell

Chicago Blue by Stephanie Andrews

Compass Points by Various

Deadly Trespass by Sandra Neily

Deadly Turn by Sandra Neily

Deception of the Thrush by Bruce Spang

Defiance by Titia Bozuwa

The Descendant by Christian Mark

Dengman Gap by Tony Irons

Diamond White by Stephanie Andrews

A Doctor’s Dilemma by David Gagnon

The Dogs of War by Matthew McCain

The Dogs of War: Unleashed by Matthew McCain

The Drift of Things by Ben Schwartz

The Elimination Plan by Chris Casko

Evening Ferry by Katherine Towler

The Eventide Blaze by Chris Ledoux

Falling into Fate by Nathanial Cook

The Feathers by Cynthia Lott

Four-Footed Angels by JT Livingston

The Girl Who Said Yes by Audrey Dillon

The Grafton Heist by Stephanie Andrews

Fourfooted Angels.inddThe Heavenly Grille Café by JT Livingston

The History Lottery by Kristy Gherlone

High on Gold by Lee Richmond

Hoover’s Children by Tony Irons

The Irises by Cynthia Lott

Island Light by Katherine Towler

Island Moments by John Muller

Joining Janjan by David H. Barnette

Just Under Nine by Matthew McCain

Kindling by David Cappella

The Knockoff Bag by Paul Mazzarella

Leo 1: The Enemy Within by Michael Jameson

Live Free or Die by Jessie Crockett

Living the Code by Bill Goodwin

Loving Leda by David H. Barnette

Madoc’s Legacy by Edward Swanson

Mesmer’s Disciple by Edward Swanson

The Million Dollar Typewriter by Murray Segal

Mitterhal’s Post by R. E. Nelson

Mr. M’s Notebook: Bailey High by John Splaine

Mr. M’s Notebook: High School by John Splaine

My Wife’s Husband by E.H. Davis

Night Hunter by E.D. Ward

Plausible Deniability by Robert Gilbert

A Ragged Saint by Tony Irons

Relative Truth by Dan Griffin

Road Kill by Paul Paré

Tapestry: Strands of Yellow and Blue by Cady Elizabeth Arnold

Tapestry III: Unraveling Fate by Cady Elizabeth Arnold

The Return by Jini Mount

Time Drunk by Dan Bingham

Twelve Urns by Kristy GherloneSIfinalcover

Salmon Falls, 1956 by Dick Janelle

The Scout’s Account by Paul Brodeur

The Shinto Treasure by Marcelline Acosta Jenny

Snow Island by Katherine Towler

Star-Spangled Rejects by J.T. Livingston

Teach Us That Peace by Baron Wormser

 The Sun God’s Heir, Return: Book One by Elliott Baker

The Sun God’s Heir, Rebirth: Book Two by Elliott Baker

The Sun God’s Heir, Redemption: Book Three by Elliott Baker

The Teacher by Robert Crotty

 They Were Fire by Lee Richmond

Those Close Beside Me by Bruce P. Spang

To Take Shelter by Lois Tripodi

Trafficked: Two Girls Lost by Lois Tripodi

Unredeemed: Hateful and Others by E.C. Hanlon

Venomous Valentine by Michael Jameson

When Cuba Was Lost by Phil Jones

Where the Light Enters by Nick Kaufman

A Wicked Tide by Greg May

The Wideness of the Sea by Katie Curtis