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Cady Elizabeth Arnold’


At the end of Tapestry: Strands of Yellow and Blue, Grace’s past erupts from the recesses of her memory. Tried for murder, she must come to terms with the dark deeds of others, and, more so, her own. Can she move forward into a time of yellow and blue, or will the darkness hold her prisoner? At the end of Book II, Faith returns home to Blinth after a decade enslaved to the sisterhood of the Beast, only to discover she has been replaced. Her Father, Sir Tristam, has raised a waif he found in the woods as his daughter and named her Grace. Once the apple of her Father’s eye, Faith cannot forgive him for failing to rescue her from her abductors. Has she left dark Lolgothe behind, or does she carries it in her heart? After helping Faith reach Blinth, Samuel must return to Lolgothe. If he tears himself away from the woman he loves, will she ever forgive him? Will Samuel find his brothers and sister safe, or will the rebellion he began against King Fabian have caused them to be executed for treason? Can Tristam win back the trust of his daughter? Will King Stefan avenge the treachery of Lolgothe for failing to ransom back his best knight’s daughter, Faith? Can Tristam help Grace find healing, or have his past actions caused an irreparable breach between them? What roles will Grace and Faith play in overcoming the dynasty of evil in Lolgothe? Can they work together, or are they destined to be enemies? Return to Blinth for answers to these questions and more…Geneva, Lucinda, Thomas, Delilah, and Nicholas are just a few of the additional characters who await you.

“Arnold skillfully weaves together the continuation of her two previous novels into a satisfying and gripping third – her strongest yet. Not only a page-turner, the author also gives insight into the internal processes of healing. The Crone, introduced in Book II, continues to be an intriguing mystery, which is a delight!” – Roberta Bondi Author of Memories of God and To Pray and to Love.

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