GEORGE COVER 1125.indd

The Caress of the Rhinoceros by Kate Leigh

Figments by Gerald George

For to See the Elephant by Tammi Truax

Forecasting the End by Matthew McCain

Fox P2 by Russell Buker

Land’s End by Jay Ruvolo

Losing Light: A Journey Through Grief by Suzanne Laurent

Markings by Russell Buker

Old Burn, New Burn & Spontaneous Gambol by Russell Buker

Old Guy, Part One by Tom Carnicelli

Older Guy by Tom Carnicelli

Piezo by Russel Buker

Poems from the Blue Ridge by Alexander H. ter Weele

Punish Me with Heaven by Matthew McCain

Piscataqua Poems Anthology

Samhain by Russell Buker

This is the Day We’ve Been Waiting for by Dudley Laufman

Time Served & Always There by Russell Buker

Toward Being Infinite by Padraig Mahou