9781944393229cvrfrontJ.T. Livingston

Inspirational Fiction

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The final story of the Heavenly Grille Café series has our favorite angels relocating the café to Rome, Georgia, where love, betrayal, murder, discovery, forgiveness, and redemption will all be experienced in a short amount of time. January 2016 is one of the coldest months on record, and the angels are working overtime to help a group of homeless people camped out in the woods, across the road from the café.  Doug is especially drawn to two members of the group—Veterans of the Vietnam and Iraq Wars, and both suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The members have one thing in common—they are all homeless, by choice.  A favorite member of the group is killed, and another member of the group falsely accuses one of her fellow cohorts of the crime.  The angels and the remaining group members must work hard to help the police find the real killer—before he kills again.  Who will die, and who will survive this harsh winter?  Not even our angels know the outcome—or if they do, they can’t tell us!

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