E.C. Hanlon

Short Stories

9781939739278-Perfect.inddUnredeemed: Hateful and Others explores the taboo topic of mental illness from various points of view in a variety of ways. From Tracy, the self-destructive twentysomething with bipolar disorder to Suzanne, the prejudiced pharmacist bent on doling out her own kind of justice on psychiatric patients, the characters in this collection come alive and express new ways of viewing what it means to be “healthy.”

E. C. Hanlon was born in the Boston area. She received an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing from Notre Dame College, and a graduate degree in the same discipline from Salem State University. Her publication credits include stories and short memoir in publications such as The First Line, The Leopard Seal, Soundings East and The Boston Chronicle. However, the greatest achievement of Ms. Hanlon’s life has been raising her twin boys. She currently lives and works in Salem, MA with fellow writer Nathanial W. Cook.




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