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Cady Elizabeth Arnold


A huntsman with the scars of a warrior stumbles across a young girl in the forest.

Mute and dressed in tatters, she cannot recall any memories from her past.

Come enter the kingdom of Blinth, where Tristam’s and Grace’s stories are interwoven as together they explore a time of yellow and blue.

The huntsman, Tristam, names the mute girl Grace. As they closer, both begin to heal in ways neither thought possible. Together, they try to put the fragments of Grace’s memory back in place, prompting Tristam to wonder if the barbaric rumors about the country to the north might possibly be true. Grace starts her new life at the castle as a foreigner amidst gossip about her unknown past. Meanwhile, Tristam is secretly trying to both stop a rebellion against the king and avoid war with a neighboring country.

Can Tristam and Grace must each navigate the social nuances and intrigues of palace life? Read book one of the Tapestry series now!

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