JT Livingston

Inspirational Fiction

Fourfooted Angels.inddRead the first chapter here!

Amanda Turner has returned to Monticello, FL to visit her three favorite angels who continue to operate the Heavenly Grille Cafe. She and the angels meet a young man named Tyler Foster who has gone undercover to help bust an illegal dog fighting ring in Thomaston, GA. Tyler helps Spartacus, a black pit who has been a champion fighter for Little John Abbott, escape. Spartacus lost his last fight, and Tyler has been instructed to dispose of the dog. After finding his way to the Heavenly Grille Cafe, Spartacus’ healing begins. He knows that he will have to return to the Abbott ranch to fight one last fight, but he will not be alone. The angels welcome a new addition; his name is Sam, and he is a beautiful black lab-pit mix. Sam was Amanda’s faithful and beloved pet for 10 years, and he has been dead for 6 years when he and Amanda are reunited. His assignment is to infiltrate the dog fighting ring and to save the bait and fighter dogs; however, Sam is not convinced that even an angel dog can save them in time. Book 2 in the Heavenly Grille Cafe series.”


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