by Kristy Gherlone

Science Fiction

historyloveThe citizens of the United States cannot stop bickering about every piece of history. It started with the Nine Eleven Group and their accusation that the government itself was responsible for that fateful day. Rapidly gaining support, and with the financial backing of a wealthy Texan, they soon have everything from the right to bear arms to long ago land acquisitions up for debate. When the crisis escalates, the perfect presidential candidate steps in and offers an unbelievable solution; the invention of the Event Verification Observation System. E.V.O.S. is a way to go back in history and witness historical events as they really happened. Raymond Getchell, former police chief of Carlton, NH, is consumed by grief. His daughter was stolen from him seven years ago and, unable to solve the case and find out who took her, his life has become a shambles. He knows that E.V.O.S. could be used to help him, but the White House is refusing his appeals. The cautions for interfering in the past are clear, but if he could find a way to convince them that his daughter’s life is worth saving, they might give in. Unfortunately, thousands of people have had the same idea and have swamped the government with their own appeals.

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