61Xwki0E62LDavid H. Barnette

Paranormal Romance

Beth gets married and moves away,
Looks for Janjan and has to pay.
Venus takes Beth off to her bower.
Will Janjan die of gold mage power?

The walls between the worlds are thin in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Weird things happen.

Beth shared a house with Leda and Janjan until her friends went to live in the next world over from Earth with the elves (who aren’t really elves). It’s a long story. Actually two long stories.

Last year Beth and her boyfriend Bobby went walking with the immortal Fae. Janjan helped them escape. Hoping for a normal life, Beth left Bobby, moved out of Portsmouth, and married Drew, who knew nothing of her past.

Beth misses her friends and tries to contact Janjan. Materialist Magicians (who are both those things) kidnap her and magically bind her to the goddess Aphrodite. When Janjan comes to save Beth, she learns that the magicians and their ally, an ancient gold sorcerer, are planning to kill her with radiation and cut the Earth off from the elves.

Binding Beth is a story of love and sex and friendship that takes you for a wild ride on the road around the human worlds. If you could have whatever you wanted, what would you want?

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