by Christian Mark

Alternative History Thriller

It’s a tumultuous time in the 1980s. After invading the Middle East for its oil reserves, The United States and Russia adhere to a fragile truce, but nuclear war could break out at any moment.

From the shadows of Argentina a plan – created in secret at the end of World War II, and kept hidden for forty years – comes to fruition, and a terrible catastrophe occurs.

Saul and Simon have dedicated their lives to hunting down escaped Nazis. Now, information has fallen into their hands that points to a stunning conspiracy. They travel to Berlin, searching for information that will tell them if it is true that Martin Bormann, Hitler’s closest advisor, somehow escaped death at the end of the war.

As a recovering world looks to Germany for leadership, all is not as it seems, and the men must race to reveal the truth before a terrifying new leader can rise.

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