lott authorSelf-publishing, or independent publishing, or whatever you want to call it, puts the burden of marketing the book directly on the author.  That sounds terrible, but then again the big publishers only put marketing dollars and effort behind a very small number of titles.

Anyway, I make a point of letting the authors that we work with know this, and while they all promise to step up, few of them do to the full possible extent.  It’s hard, and authors are shy, but you’ve got to get out there.

I’ve been excited to see Cynthia Lott really working hard on the debut of her novel, The Feathers. She’s been attending conferences and promoting on Facebook and really doing the things you need to do.

Will it translate to huge sales? You can’t tell, but you can be pretty sure sitting around hoping people discover your book isn’t going to do the trick.

Please visit Cynthia Lott and have a look at what she’s got going on.