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“Where the Light Enters is a journey into darkness — the literal darkness of the Norwegian winter and the figurative darkness of human frailty. Josh, like many kids on the threshold of adulthood, eagerly dashes to the other side of the world unaware that his hunger for adventure is, on many levels, emotional escape in disguise. The mental illness that preys on his family and a childhood plagued by night terrors are stowaways that follow him to Norway alongside the promises of ‘free love’ and a year-long exploration of exotic landscapes. Norway proves to be a land of extremes: too much light, too much darkness, and perhaps even too much beauty — the kind that stabs laser-sharp into the soul. It’s a beauty that either kills you or teaches you how to survive by not looking away. Where the Light Enters is a subtle and graceful study of what it takes to stare terrifying truth in the eye and hold that gaze long enough to recognize a path to sanity, and love — even for those who have made you believe that neither is possible.”

– Robynn Colwell, winner of Ireland’s 2013 Anam Cara Short Fiction Competition.

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