Kathleen Rioux


“Never, never, never give up…”

This is the story of a woman who did give up, and at the worst moment of her life planned a murder/suicide. Fortunately, that fateful June day did not go as planned. In the Name of Love is the story of how that woman, Kathleen Rioux, came to be in that situation. Raised in a family troubled by substance abuse, Kathleen spent her life being the good little daughter- stifling her feelings, walking on egg shells, always trying to avoid the next outburst, and dealing with her growing eating disorder. When she married and began a teaching career, Kathleen resigned herself to an unfulfilling marriage, bouyed by the joy of rasing her two daughters. Nothing could have prepared her for the hell that her life would become when she met The Predator, and she began a downward spiral that ended with her buying a hand gun in a local gun shop. Through fate, or luck, or divine intervention, Kathleen Rioux received a second chance at life, and ultimately this book is not only a cautionary tale, but also a hopeful one.

Kathleen Rioux was born in Shirley, MA in 1955 but grew up in New Hampshire. A graduate of Notre Dame College, in Manchester, NH with a BA in Elementary Education, Kathleen taught for a few years. She then left teaching to raise her two children. She now Lives in New Hampshire. She is pursuing her dreams of becoming a full-time author. In the Name of Love is her first book.


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