David H. Barnette
FictionJoining Janjan - David H. Barnette

Three Portsmouth wars in the last thirty years? Impossible! If there are no “Materialist Magicians” doing evil, how can there be any “elves” working to stop them? How could you visit other worlds without dying?

Last year, Janjan Javorski’s friend Leda disappeared from their house in Portsmouth. Nobody knows where she went. This year Leda comes back to visit — from the next world over, where people become elves. She has a weird story to tell. When Janjan wonders where her own life is headed, Leda asks her to be an Elf Friend.

Things get weirder when Coran, immortal king of the Fae, invites Janjan to walk the road around the human worlds with him and all the travelers wrapped in light. Eternal youth, really?

Oh, and Jackson, Janjan’s handsome new boyfriend? He’s a Materialist Magician who’s been sent to Portsmouth to cut people off from the elves by sending them to the Fae. Will he take their relationship to the next level—by killing her?

When Jackson’s master stalks her, Janjan escapes to the fae-road. But where is the real land of heart’s desire? Will she live with the Fae forever, or will she inquire into the painful mystery of the invisible elf-charm Leda gave her?

The going gets weird once again in Joining Janjan. This second Portsmouth Paranormal Romance is the sequel to Loving Leda.

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