By Martha Barron Barrett

ST Cover WebAge is not a prerequisite for adventure! At ages 65 and 75, Martha and Sandy pull up deep New England roots, sell their house, acquire a couple of new knees, toss their doubts and fears out the window, and make a plan. They will spend part of each year in their beloved Maine and part in an exotic place. Starting with New Zealand. Why not South Africa? Why not South America? Why not Antarctica? Slow Travel shows how this intrepid couple finds the wherewithal—financially, physically, spiritually—to live with a capital L and I and V and E at a time in their lives when, let’s face it, a lot of people choose to stick close to home. Or if they travel, travel to the usual places. Nothing about Sandy and Martha’s series of adventures is usual. They break every stereotype. In the beginning, the question plagued them: Can we afford to go? In the end, it’s clear they couldn’t afford not to. Slow Travel is a fascinating read, and an inspiring one.



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