By Author

Aldrich, Thomas Bailey  The Story of a Bad Boy

Adams, Wayne Do Starfish Light Up the Ocean?

Andrews, Stephanie Chicago Blue

Bailey, DiMari, The Little Brown Animal

Baker, Elliott The Sun God’s Heir, Return: Book One, The Sun God’s Heir, Rebirth: Book Two, The Sun God’s Heir, Redemption: Book Three

Barnette, David H. Loving Leda, Joining Janjan, Binding Beth

Barrett, Martha Barron, Slow Travel

Baumann, Hans  It’s History: Believe It Or Not

Baumann, H. D. Atomic Irony, Hitler’s Escape

bottomley cover 1119.indd

Beal, Linda Edwards The Bridge, Kids in Costume

Bingham, Dan Time Drunk

Bottomley, Sue Anne Colorful Journey, A Small City by the Sea

Boyd, Kiarna  Blessed and Cursed Alike

Bozuwa, Titia Defiance

Brodeur, Paul The Scout’s Account

Buesing, Liyuen Dining with Liyuen

Buker, Russell  Markings; Old Burn, New BurnPiezoFox P2

Bullock, Paul and Harriett Whirling Thunder: One Man’s Journey Through Native America

Cappella, David Kindling

Carnicelli, Tom Old Guy, Part One

Caron, Paula Finnegan for Mayor

Casko, Chris  The Elimination Plan

Christie, Agatha The Mysterious Affair at Styles

Coach, Betty Ann Beamer the Nighttime Day Dreamer

Cook, Nathanial Falling into Fate

Cook, Sara My Dad the Superhero!

Crotty, Robert The Teacher

Curtis, Katie The Wideness of the Sea

DeLuca, Virginia As If Women Mattered

DeMitchell, Terri Chelsea Creek to Bunker Hill: Spring 1775

Derf, Yarp N. The Kittery Kid

Dickson, Julie A. Bullied into Silence

Dillon, Audrey The Girl Who Said Yes

Donovan, Josephine The Piscataqua Papers

Driscoll, Jack  Picnic For Twelve

Edwards, John A Rookie’s Year

Fallon, Dianne Pioneer on a Mountain Bike

9781939739261-cvr.inddFitzpatrick, Barry Last to Leave

Fleck, James A TAD Bit Different

Flood, Danielle The Unquiet Daughter

Geiger, Catherine The Witch Market

Gervais, Deby C. Shanna Poe’s Imaginary World: The Birthday Party

George, Gerald Figments

Gherlone, Kristy The History Lottery, Twelve Urns

Goodwin, Bill Living the Code

Goethe  The Sorrows of Young Werther

Griffin, Dan Relative Truth

Hackl, Erich Argentina’s Angel

Hanlon, E.C. Unredeemed: Hateful and Others

Hastings, Michael The Echoes of Babylon, Standing Alone

Higley, Suzi The Adventures of Finnegan Begin, Finnegan for Mayor

Horton, Peter J. Forgotten by Time

Irons, Tony Dengman Gap

Irons, Tony  Hoover’s Children

Jameson, Michael Leo 1: The Enemy Within

Jandebeur, Barry S. At the Hands of Others

Janelle, Dick  Salmon Falls, 1956

Jean, Francoise Aggie Moresey: Water and Stone

Joyce, James Dubliners

June, Shelby Lost and Found

k.a. moen Cop Logs

Kareckas A., Skunk on the Potty

Kareckas, Michelle and Andy When Skunks Collide

Katz, Pat Adams Emily Alice Eliza O’Shea

Kautz, Barbara When I Die…

Kirschner, Elizabeth Waking the Bones

Landell, Claudia A Present for Amore, The Juggling Bear

Laurent, Suzanne Losing Light: A Journey Through Grief

Leathe, Martha A Tower of Giraffes

Ledoux, Chris The Burnt Sunset

Leigh, Kate The Caress of the Rhinoceros

Lipman, Denis Striking Terror

Livingston, JT, The Heavenly Grille Café, Four-Footed AngelsStar-Spangled Rejects

LOTT WORKING TWO.inddLott, Cynthia, The Feathers, The Irises

Mahou, Padraig Towards Being Infinite

Lockwood, Robert George Antheil Gives a Concert

May, Greg Between Pricked Ears, A Wicked Tide

Mazzarella, Paul The Knockoff Bag

McCain, Matthew Punish Me With Heaven, The Dogs of War, The Dogs of War: UnleashedJust Under Nine

McKie, Carrie Dave the Sheep Dog?

Morse, Lisa Stone Soup

Mount, Jini The Return

Muller, John Island Moments

Mulry, Ditty  A Ditty Day, Brushes of the Heart, Adventure Series: Hibernation, Ella May Finds a Home, Grandma Ditty and the Monkey Man Treats

Murray, Barbara The Seasons of Life

Nelson, R. E Mitterhal’s Post

Pagum, Bill The Adventures of Mr. Muffins

Paré, Paul Road Kill

Patton, Gary Outtastatahs

Potter, Benjamin Family Footprints

Quinlan, Sue Young Family Practice

Richmond, Lee They Were Fire

Rioux, Kathleen Thunder Moon

Ruvolo, Jay Land’s End

Sauls, Clay A Fictitious Life

Schardt, Thomas P. W. Under the Linden Trees

Schwartz, Ben The Drift of Things

Scott, Jim  More Than A Speed Bump

Smith, Brendan The Flatlander Chronicles

Spang, Bruce P. Deception of the ThrushThose Close Beside Me

Spaulding, Emilie Red Clay Girl

Splaine, John Mr. M’s Notebook: Bailey High

Swanson, Edward Mesmer’s Disciple, Madoc’s Legacy

ter Weele, Alexander H. We Escaped, Poems from the Blue Ridge

Thaxter, Celia Among the Isles of Shoals

Tiralla, Denise Miss Lulu and Stu

Torbic, J.R. Borrowed Memories

Towler, Katherine  Snow Island, Evening Ferry, Island Light

Treen, Barbara Geranium Justice

Tripodi, Lois Trafficked: Two Girls Lost

Tripodi, Lois  To Take Shelter

Turner, Shirley The Destroying Angel

Underwood, C. C. Oatmeal, Big Blue, and the Frog

Underwood, Charles Deadline – Captain Charlie’s Bataan Diary

Van Curan, Christopher D. and Bonzo Serizio In the Attic of my Mind

Veazey, Julie Bigg Moon Over Cabarete

Walker, A. H. and John The Christmas Morning Sneak

Walker, Ellen  Bringing Up John

Ward, E.D. Night HunterAcross the Singing Bridge

Watterson, Rodney K. Boomtown Portsmouth

Whitcher, Earle  Judy’s Journey

Wodehouse, P.G. Something New

Wormser, Baron Teach Us That Peace